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Nikesh Arora

Nikesh Arora is among the posterboy of Indian techno managers who have left a mark on a global scale. A graduate from Institute of technology, BHU (Now finally IIT-BHU), he did his M.S from Boston University and holds MBA from Northeastern University. He’s more famous for being in leadership role at Google. He quit Google on 2014 from position of SVP and Chief Business Officer and joined Softbank where also he became a rockstar and is touted to lead it in near future.
He even invested his own money in Softbank to show solidarity perhaps which shouldn’t be difficult considering his package is $135M. Yes, M for million. That’s when startup raise to have a near billion evaluation. For Indian understanding, he’s earning 900 crores. LOL.
Although he joined twitter back in 2009, he became active quite recently and we’re impressed by his insightful and witty replies. For more details click on source link

Source : http://www.gapoon.com/blog/when-nikesh-arora-wooed-us-with-his-witty-replies